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Get the right people on the right bus … and the right people in the right seats… and then drive ….

Jim Collins

from his book , "Good To Great"


I am an older actor, I naturally speak with a soft Scottish accent. (no subtitles required!)

Before acting I spent most of my life as a therapist facilitating thousands of clients through profound cathartic emotional experiences. I therefore bring to my acting an internal emotional aliveness and sense of connection. It was important to me to seek out professional acting training that could translate this unique background into the context of acting. So now I act from the inside out which means I act like I am not acting! That inner truth is automatically picked up by the camera to tell your story authentically. (see more below)

It takes many “stars” to make a beautiful night sky!

Wrap Party! End of Final Day of Filming ‘Yardies”

I Played Granny with my on -screen “Boyle family”

Me & Paula Salvador with

Sarah Jane Clements, The Writer of Yardies, a new up & coming comedy.

Sadly,  Paula lost her life soon after filming;

all of us in her filming family miss her so much. RIP Paula



Andy Qualtrough;

The Director of Yardies & Me!

Good collaboration is a vital key to successful film making. It blows my mind that a film starts as an idea: just a seed of thought & when enough people with the resources, skills, talent, & passion commit to telling that story it grows into a full blown movie! It’s that magical feeling of working together creatively to bring that vision into reality that spurs me on…By the time the audience are sitting in the cinema munching popcorn, (Why not think big?!) each person has contributed a bit of their soul to that journey along the way. That’s what it takes to transport, touch, move, entertain, uplift & affect an audience, which after all is the point of making a film!


I ‘m an experienced horse rider & handler, having owned horses for the majority of my life. I’m animal daft and have been married for 20 years; our dog came to our wedding! In real life I am a Mum of 2 independent daughters, we have lived in Nz for 12 years so I have dual citizenship (UK & NZ) and now I’m a professional actor living in Bristol with an unusually flexible lifestyle; which means I can often make myself available (try me!)

Combining Acting with Horses = 2 Passions in 1 

Swashbuckling Cornwall at Polmartin Riding Ltd specialise in teaching actors how to act on horseback as well as how to handle horses and communicate safely on set. I have my level 1 & 2 Riding For Actors & stable management training as endorsed on spotlight. I received British Horse Society Certification (as below) 

Method Acting is The Reality Of Truth Brought Into Performance

Like many people I misunderstood what the method was. I had heard the Hollywood greats use it and noticed there is something undeniably different about the likes of Daniel-Day-Lewis, Amy Adams, Tom Hardy, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Meryl Streep, De- Niro, Al Pacino’s @ Leonardo-Di-Caprio’s  acting; they pull you in. Gradually I have come to realise that acting has nothing to do with pretending and everything to do with being real and allowing what is going on inside the character to reveal itself outwardly – and THAT is exactly what my previous work as a therapist was all about!


Read through with my scene partners Bruce Jones, (Coronation Street)  Matt Lapinskas (Eastenders) and Jamie Crew (Smoking Gun)

Me as scientist, on set with cast of “Humans” & crew in Bath for upcoming The Cage sci-fi web series.

Parallels Between Therapy and Acting

In therapy circles it is understood we all have a Hitler and a Mother Theresa inside us, it doesn’t mean we act them out but they are there none the less and simply being aware of those traits is key to preventing havoc so they don’t take control. To create an environment of non judgement conducive for healing, you have to see, know and accept that whatever your client is experiencing is within you too, so going through that process for many years, gradually you embrace all aspects of yourself without rejecting any of it – the good, the bad and the ugly. Acting however, allows me to tap into that rich, ugly, juicy, real, pool and express it outwardly! However my focus is not on how it looks outside, which is a paradox considering acting is such an image conscious world, it is on connecting with and feeling it for real inside inside and expressing it outwardly. The irony is that this produces mesmerising acting.


I have a NC in communication and media studies and HNC in advertising and the media. I have done some professional voice over work when I worked at a regional radio station in Edinburgh as a researcher in the production department on the popular “Wee Fat Bob” Show.  I am a member of The Unscripted Players and can be found getting up to all sorts of nonsense at our local Improv group every week and have joined “accent club” to nail those other accents!